Additional pricing

Pricing for additional services such as migrations, mail sync and VLAN.

Existing clients

cPanel Migrations

  • check mark $2.99 per cPanel (from cpmove file)

Manual Migrations

  • check mark $13.99 per hosting account from other control panels.
  • check mark limits: Up to 200GB, 3 Databases (3GB max per DB)
  • check mark 10 email accounts synced
  • check mark Any excessive size resources to migrate will be quoted separately

New clients

cPanel Migrations

  • check mark Free (one domain per hosting account no splitting to add-on domains)

Manual Migrations

  • check mark $13.99 per hosting account from other control panels.
  • check mark Limits: 1 Domain's hosted content/website, and
  • check mark 3 databases who's total size is less than 1GB, and
  • check mark up to 5 email addresses, who's total stored and migrated information is less than 5GB.
  • check mark For accounts that exceed these limits an admin fee may apply.

Other services

Sysadmin - Ad-hoc

  • check mark $32.50 per allocated 30 minute slot

Mail Sync

  • check mark From external host: $3.25 per email account

Outgoing Mail Filtering (Spam Experts)

  • check mark Applies to managed services only - $6.50/month

SSL Installation

  • check mark SSL Certificate Installation - $16.25


  • check mark $3.25 per month

Domain WHOIS privacy / ID protection

  • check mark Free for selected extensions

VPS Restoration (Terminated Accounts)

  • check mark $10.59 per VPS


  • check mark VPS: $13.00 per Cluster
    (a single fees covers multiple VPS's within the same cluster, contact sales for further information)
  • check mark Dedicated Servers: $13.00 per dedicated server added to the VLAN

VPS Disk Image

  • check mark Supplying a VPS disk image for download - $13.58
    (Download available for 24 hours)

cPanel Account Restoration (Terminated Accounts)

Notwithstanding unsettled service invoices or restoration fees, the following costs apply:

  • check mark Per cPanel account : $10.59
  • check mark Per Reseller WHM account : $21.19

cPanel / WHM Account Move

  • check mark Moving a cPanel/WHM account to another server or node - $13.58