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Acronis Cloud Reseller Setup

Sorry, members only.

That is, you’ll need an Acronis Cloud Backup plan for this guide to be applicable or even relevant to you. That’s because we’re going to take you through setting up your Acronis Cloud Reseller, and naturally, you won’t be able to sell something if you haven’t acquired the product yet.

If you’re interested in expanding your business offerings, check out our Acronis Backup Reseller plans to get started. Although, if your quirk is reading arbitrary guides that might have no bearing on you, continue onward and we’ll show you how simple the setup is.

Creating plans in your cloud management panel

1. Once you have completed your Acronis Backup order via our website or your client area, log in to your registered email account and open the mail from then click on “Activate account”. This’ll redirect you to the Acronis Management Page where you will set up a password upon your first login.

Account activation email screenshot

2. Once your account has been activated and you’ve logged into your Cloud Management Panel, navigate to Overview and Usage and click on “Manage Service”.

Acronis screenshot

3. Next you need to navigate to Management and Protection Plans then click on “Create Plan

Acronis screenshot

4. Give your plan a name then click on then disable Encryption. Enable/disable the rest of the options for the plan you’re creating then click on “Create” at the top.

Acronis screenshot

5. Download the recovery ISO image and keep it stored on an external device.

Acronis screenshot

6. Create additional plans as needed then navigate to Devices and Unmanaged machines and click on “Show all options“.

Acronis screenshot

7. Select the OS or Platform where you want to install the backup agent.

Acronis screenshot

8. Check out our Acronis installation guide for instructions to set up the backup agent on your device of choice.

Adding additional storage locations

As a reseller, you’re able to add additional storage locations of your choice. To do so, log into your Reseller account then navigate to Settings and Locations.

Click on “Add Backup Storage” to download the ISO which you will need to load on the destination VM/Server to add it as a storage location:

Acronis screenshot
Acronis screenshot

Once the ISO has been installed on your storage server, it will appear in your Acronis Cloud Panel, where you can select it as an additional location.

If you’re looking to expand your knowledge on using Acronis, check out the Quick Start Guide and the Administrators Guide by Acronis.

Couple of clicks here, a username there, and we’re all done. Your Acronis Cloud Reseller is set up. Now all you have to do is find people to back up. Which should be easy enough. Everyone’s trying to be a hero, whilst we do have a shortage of backups.


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