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Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers

Cloud servers are logical servers that are built, hosted and delivered through a cloud computing platform over the internet. Cloud servers possess and exhibit similar capabilities and functionality as typical servers do, but are accessed remotely from a cloud service provider like HOSTAFRICA.

There are two types of cloud servers: logical and physical. A logical cloud server is delivered through server virtualisation and is accessed remotely. The server is logically distributed into two or more logical servers, each with a separate operating system, user interface and apps.

A physical cloud server is also accessed remotely, but it isn’t shared. This is known as a dedicated cloud server.

Is a cloud server right for you?

A dedicated server doesn’t share resources with anyone else which can be seen as an advantage, and they are more secure. But if you have hardware failure, it could end up costing you. Another issue with a dedicated server is that you often pay for resources that aren’t utilised. Upgrades can also be time-consuming and tedious.

If you opt for a cloud server, you pay for only what you use, and it’s much easier to add resources when you need them because cloud infrastructure scales on demand to support fluctuating workloads. Storage options, control choices, tool selection and security options are also variable as your needs fluctuate.

What are the benefits?

  1. Cloud servers undoubtedly come with substantial cost savings that outweigh concerns about risk factors.
  2. They are also easy to install, and you need not get any additional hardware or software because the implementation is done
  3. In general cloud servers become functional much faster, so if needed, recovery will also be quicker.
  4. Another benefit is that you don’t need to have a designated person or team to handle system updates or backups. A cloud server is automated to take care of that for you, and that in turn frees you or staff up to focus on high priority tasks.

But here’s the kicker:

If you have a cloud server, you and your employees can access work-related information from any location, so your business becomes more mobile.

Now that’s got you thinking! Contact HOSTAFRICA today to find out which cloud server plan will work best for you.

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