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SSL certificates

SSL certificates vs no SSL certificates

What is an SSL certificate? SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. What an SSL certificate does is encrypts information entered on a website so the only the intended recipient can understand it. An SSL certificate is the backbone of data security and protection on the internet.

Advantages vs not having an SSL certificate

Let’s take a look at the main advantages of having an SSL certificate for your website:

  1. Encrypts sensitive data and information
  2. Provides authentication
  3. Provides trust

An SSL certificate will encourage users to use and enter data onto your site because they trust that your SSL certificate will protect their data. What might happen if you don’t have an SSL certificate? Firstly, users will be less likely to trust you enough to give you their details. Secondly, they might doubt if their data is going to the right place. They won’t be able to tell if the website they are on is the correct one, or if it’s a scammer trying to steal their information. And, thirdly, the information that is sent to you won’t be encrypted and thus will be easier for the sensitive information to be copied and used.

HOSTAFRICA is a trusted SSL certificate provider

How do you tell if a website has an SSL certificate? If you’re on a computer right now, get online, open any website, and glance at the address bar. Does is say ‘http’ or ‘https’? Is there an icon in front of the address, like a padlock, or maybe the word ‘secure’? If the site is https and/or has a padlock, it means data on the site is encrypted. To get the ‘s’ and its accompanying padlock, you would need an SSL certificate. Get one from HOSTAFRICA and activate it with just a few clicks. All our SSL certificates are supported by well-known web browsers. We provide a strong and secure connection between users and the server with top notch data encryption and security. For more information on why you need an SSL certificate and how to go about getting one, contact HOSTAFRICA today.

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