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With a trolley full of features, OpenCart hosting is the ideal CMS to take your ecommerce business straight to the checkout tab and onto delivering some high-quality hosting. Its intuitive design makes it trusted by more than 340 000 entrepreneurs, so you’ll know you’ll be in good company.

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  • check mark Free SSL certificate
  • check mark Cancel anytime
  • check mark Free migrations
  • check mark Fast & expert support
  • check mark Free .africa domain name
  • check mark Locally hosted
  • check mark One-click installs
  • check mark LS cache plugin
  • check mark Fastest servers
  • check mark Free CDN access
  • check mark Daily backups
  • check mark Advanced protection
  • check mark Unlimited traffic
  • check mark Mail protection
  • check mark 30-day money-back
  • check mark 99.9% uptime guarantee

OpenCart hosting prices and packages

Explore the multiple features and customisations available to you, without hassling for designers and techies. OpenCart was created to make online stores accessible to every entrepreneur. They’ve succeeded, now it’s your turn. Choose a package and go make it happen!


$7.03 per month

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  • 20GB SSD Storage
  • Host 1 Domain
  • 100 Subdomains
  • 25 Email Accounts
  • 1 FTP Account
  • 5 MySQL Databases


$11.88 per month

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  • 40GB SSD Storage
  • Host 2 Domains
  • 100 Subdomains
  • 25 Email Accounts
  • 1 FTP Account
  • 50 MySQL Databases


$21.21 per month

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  • 100GB SSD Storage
  • Host 3 Domains
  • 500 Subdomains
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • 5 FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases


$35.39 per month

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  • 200GB SSD Storage
  • Host 5 Domains
  • 1000 Subdomains
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • 10 FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases

Opencart Hosting Plans: Monthly Contract, Monthly Billing, Cancel Anytime.
*.africa domain name is registered free when used as the primary domain for the hosting account. Renewed annually at the normal price.
*Unlimited Web Traffic (Bandwidth): HOSTAFRICA reserves the right to reduce the bandwidth in cases of extensive use. Contact us if you have any questions.

OpenCart features and capabilities

  • check mark Ecommerce management
  • check mark Order management
  • check mark Sales tax management
  • check mark Electronic payments
  • check mark Shipping management
  • check mark Social media integration
  • check mark Sales orders
  • check mark Online forums
  • check mark Periodic reporting
  • check mark Discount management
  • check mark Third-party integration
  • check mark Activity dashboard
  • check mark Sales analytics
  • check mark Multi-store management
  • check mark User access controls
  • check mark SEO management

Client reviews

Our clients have rated our hosting services and support 5 stars!

  • Thank you HOSTAFRICA

    Our company has been with HOSTAFRICA for 7 and a half years. Being a florist, I am not 100% tech savvy but the wonderful staff at HOSTAFRICA always assist effectively and efficiently so that we can make sure that there are no interruptions to our website. Thank you HOSTAFRICA for being so awesome!
  • All you need!

    Although you build your own website, HOSTAFRICA make it seamless. The support response is incredibly fast - even on weekends. I’m paying R99 for support, storage, 25 emails, and cpanel also, I’m using their light speed server for Wordpress. Over and above that, they put you in the right direction to get your website optimal as well as getting your emails to end up in an inbox and not spam. My mobile page rating score is 94 out of 100.
  • Excellent live support

    HOSTAFRICA has excellent support. Their live chat support is always available and they answer questions quickly. The support person even phoned me after one of our chats to make sure I got the answer. Pretty awesome. Their registration process and backend is easy to follow as well.
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Solutions specified by astute support

Our support team has been producing solutions with spectacular results since we started. You can expect them to uphold that level of excellence every single time you offer up an issue for them to handle. Now that’s superior support staff doing what they do best.

OpenCart; open-source; but not open-ended

Open sesame. That’s what you can expect your ecommerce website to be telling clients’ wallets as they browse your store. This feature-rich CMS has over 13000 themes for even the most pedantic, open-minded creative. Your website and brand will do all the talking – it’s an open-and-shut case.

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Run multiple stores at once

Two brains are better than one. Same goes for two businesses. Our administrator interface allows you to manage multiple stores at the same time. Sounds like a cart-full of business to us.

affiliates icon

A built-in affiliate system

You’ve heard of guilt by association, but have you heard about paid by affiliation? With a built-in affiliate feature, affiliates can promote your products and get paid for them automatically. Convenient? Guilty as charged.

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Multi-currency Support

Forget the calculator every time you bring in an international client. OpenCart has a built-in currency converter ensuring both you and your client get it right. You can also set up country-specific taxes.

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A Comprehensive Administrator Dashboard

How about some comprehensive stats with your morning cuppa? The main dashboard shows you specifically how well your store is doing, with a customisable option to add and remove information widgets.

money payment icon

Easy Payments

Payment compatibility will never be an issue as OpenCart comes pre-integrated with 36 payment platforms, including PayPal, Blue Pay, and Paymate. Recurring payments, sales analytics, and different shipping methods make life even easier.

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Ease of Customisation

If ever you want OpenCart to behave a bit differently for you, you can tweak your copy of its source code and redeploy it on your OpenCart hosting account. This is a limited flexibility feature only some providers offer.

user interface icon

Absolute Freedom

Experience freedom that allows you to unleash your creativity for maximum customisation. Blast boundaries as you configure your online store to set your business at its peak.

hands contribution icon

“Open” Doesn’t Mean Unreliable

Anyone can contribute to the codebase of open-source software. Although, only when a code contribution gets vetted and tested by experts, does it get added to the codebase. Pretty open-minded of them.

server control icon

Bugs are Resolved Fast

Bugs in open-source software usually get patched instantly. The OpenCart developer community is large, and any approved contributor can apply the fix, and release an update.

monitoring icon

Audits and Scans

Many companies have performed vulnerability scans and audits on the OpenCart source code. You can do so too! This ability to check for code compliance and safety isn’t available with proprietary software.

Get your store up and running today!

Join the thousands of happy clients hosting with us.

  • check mark Free SSL certificate
  • check mark Cancel any time
  • check mark Free migrations
  • check mark Fast & expert support
  • check mark Free .africa domain
  • check mark Locally hosted
  • check mark One-click installs
  • check mark LS cache plugin
  • check mark Fastest servers
  • check mark Free CDN access
  • check mark Daily backups
  • check mark Advanced protection
  • check mark Unlimited traffic
  • check mark Mail protection
  • check mark 30-day money-back
  • check mark 99.9% uptime guarantee

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Frequently asked questions

If you still have unanswered questions, please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to assist.

OpenCart is an online store management system, similar to Shopify. One of the key differences is that it is open source.

Yes, it is. This makes it a feasible choice for most and because it is open-source public coders are able to offer add ons and scripts to help improve it, alongside the developer team.

The most obvious difference is that OpenCart is free to use, whereas Shopify and BigCommerce are paid solutions. All three solutions are easy to use, but only OpenCart gives you the ability to customize its source code.

Unless you can find an extension, adding customizations to Shopify or BigCommerce will either cost you a lot, or just be impossible. Even though Shopify is currently the most prevalent ecommerce solution, OpenCart is slowly starting to catch up.

There are a few caching and optimization plugins you can install to speed up your website. However, at the end of the day, your OpenCart website will only be as fast as the hosting it’s running on.

The best hosts (such as ourselves) go to great lengths to ensure a fast-shopping experience for your customers. For example, we use SSDs instead of traditional storage, which are built for faster information retrieval.

Yes, it is. With OpenCart, it’s super easy to make your website mobile-friendly, and SE-optimized. By default, your website will be responsive. This means that its outlook will be perfect, regardless of the device it’s being viewed on. And no, you don’t have to tweak any settings for this to happen!

A lot of SEO features like meta titles, meta descriptions, and keywords come built-in with your OpenCart installation. There is also a huge collection of SEO extensions that you can install, to further increase your SEO rankings."