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Launch Your Reseller Hosting Business

As the digital landscape continues to grow, Africans require a dependable local guide to navigate their hosting needs. This is where your expertise comes in. Benefit from competitive reseller rates with a white-labelled DirectAdmin control panel, enabling you to customize and brand your services to best serve your clients.

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  • check mark Free SSL certificate
  • check mark Cancel anytime
  • check mark Free migrations
  • check mark Fast & expert support
  • check mark DirectAdmin
  • check mark Locally hosted
  • check mark One-click installs
  • check mark PHP 4.4 5.x 7.x 8.x
  • check mark Outgoing mail protection
  • check mark Incredibly secure
  • check mark Incremental backups
  • check mark NodeJS on request
  • check mark Fast SSD servers
  • check mark Unlimited traffic
  • check mark 30-day money-back
  • check mark 99.9% uptime guarantee

DirectAdmin hosting reseller package pricing

Choose from a variety of packages tailored to meet your needs, all while maintaining the highest quality standards. Whether you are new to reseller hosting or a seasoned provider, our packages are structured to support your business expansion.

Reseller Starter

$21.21 per month

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  • 50GB SSD Storage
  • 20 DirectAdmin Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Unlimited email addresses

Reseller Basic

$49.57 per month

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  • 100GB SSD Storage
  • 50 DirectAdmin Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Unlimited email addresses

Reseller Power

$76.08 per month

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  • 150GB SSD Storage
  • 75 DirectAdmin Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Unlimited email addresses

Reseller Expert

$106.89 per month

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  • 200GB SSD Storage
  • 100 DirectAdmin Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Unlimited email addresses

Billing Options: Monthly, Quarterly, Biennially, Annually. Cancel Anytime.

Includes outgoing mail spam filtering

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Improved deliverability

Prevents your emails from landing in the spam box or not being delivered at all.

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Avoid blacklisting

Outgoing spam filtering ensures the IP addresses remain clean in order to avoid blacklisting.

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Protect recipients

Protect your recipients against unwittingly sending malware or spyware via email.

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Improved reputation

Improves your IP reputation and also your website reputation, which helps with SEO.

Client reviews

Our clients have rated our hosting services and support 5 stars!

  • Raising the Standard of Service

    I was able to get prompt service late at night with my technical queries. I felt bad contacting them late at night. But apparently “no time is too late”. Well done for raising the standard for service excellence. Making it harder for us all to keep up. Thanks guys.
  • Excellent service

    I moved my web hosting to HOSTAFRICA and had an issue backing up and restoring my website and emails. Ryno, from support was there to assist me every step of the way. He went all out and backed up my entire CPanel and moved it over to HOSTAFRICA, tested, working fine. He went above and beyond. The response from the team is very quick. Thanks Ryno, excellent service. You deserve a 5 stars. Keep up the good work.
  • Hosting made Easy!

    I have been with HOSTAFRICA for many years, and I can honestly say it has been a pleasure working with them. From their quick response to my queries, to their helpful hand in helping with my development, their team is without a doubt the best I've dealt with. I'm glad to call myself a client and partner of HOSTAFRICA.
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Superior support in Africa

We’re the market leader in support and client satisfaction. That title doesn’t come easy, even though our support staff makes it look easy. You can count on our capable technicians to wipe your issue off the map, every single time.

Tackle reselling with these top tier features

Empower your web hosting reseller business with our outstanding features. Benefit from automated systems, secure servers, and the flexibility to successfully enter the reseller market. We’ve curated the most reliable features to enhance your product delivery.

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Softaculous Included

Streamline your operations with Softaculous. This powerful tool simplifies the installation of over 400+ apps with just one click, making your life easier.

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WHMCS Integration

Deliver exceptional service with ease. Our DirectAdmin reseller hosting seamlessly integrates with WHMCS, offering maximum convenience for managing your customers' needs.

quality hardware and fast server icon

Quality Hardware

Rely on premium enterprise-grade hardware from trusted manufacturers. This ensures you can confidently offer top-quality products to your customers as a hosting reseller.

control icon

Flexibility & Control

Whether you prefer versatility or specialisation, you'll have complete control over the hosting plans and features you offer. Scale your business to match your ambitions.

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Fully White-labelled

Your reseller business, your brand. Our reseller program is entirely white-labelled, giving you the freedom to brand and customize your services as you see fit.

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DNS Control

Managing DNS records is effortless. They're automatically created when you set up an account for your customer, and you have full control over each record through the DirectAdmin interface.

Start your reseller business today!

Join the thousands of happy clients hosting with us.

  • check mark SSL certificate included
  • check mark Try risk free
  • check mark Migration assistance
  • check mark Incredible support
  • check mark DirectAdmin
  • check mark Locally hosted
  • check mark Includes softaculous
  • check mark Constant monitoring
  • check mark Enterprise SSDs
  • check mark cPGuard protection
  • check mark Daily Acronis backups
  • check mark After-hours support
  • check mark Unlimited traffic
  • check mark Includes SpamExperts
  • check mark No contracts
  • check mark 99.9% uptime guarantee

Resources Limits

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Starter Basic Power Expert
Speed 200 400 600 800
PMEM 4096 6144 8122 12288
IO 128 MB/s 192 MB/s 256 MB/s 384 MB/s
IOPS 1024 2048 4096 8192
EP 50 80 120 160
NPROC 300 400 500 600

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Frequently asked questions

If you still have unanswered questions, please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to assist.

Yes, resellers can easily migrate multiple accounts in bulk or perform individual transfers. Our experienced migrations team will handle the entire migration process for you. We take care of all the heavy lifting, allowing you to oversee the process with ease.

None. You can leave as easily as you joined because there are no contracts binding you to us.

Once your payment is received and verified, you will receive an email with all the necessary information to start using your new product within 5 minutes. The time required for security and personalisation will depend on your specific needs.

Yes, you can upgrade your package at any time. The upgrade process typically takes 5-10 minutes.

Reseller hosting can be a valuable financial opportunity, but it requires hard work and dedication. It is not an instant path to wealth or a quick scheme. Like any business venture, success depends on the effort and commitment you invest.

Reseller hosting is most effective when integrated with your existing service offerings.

A critical factor in the success of your reseller hosting business is the quality of support you provide. Offering exceptional support to your clients is essential to making reselling a successful venture.

Reseller hosting involves a vendor purchasing hosting services from a provider at discounted rates and then reselling these services to their own clients.

Think of it as buying raw produce from a farm and selling it at a markup, possibly adding your own unique touch.

Becoming a hosting reseller with us is straightforward. Simply visit our website, select the type of reseller hosting you are interested in, and complete the registration form. For example, if you are interested in reselling web hosting, follow the prompts on the respective page. Once you place your order, we will send you detailed instructions to get started.

It's important to have a business plan and an understanding of how to manage your reseller business before making a purchase. As with any business venture, having some foundational knowledge is essential for success.

  1. Conduct Thorough Research: Understand your clients' needs and expectations to tailor your services effectively.
  2. Define Your Packages and Pricing: Determine your service packages, markup, and overall business costs to ensure profitability.
  3. Prioritize Excellent Client Support: Providing exceptional support is crucial for building a strong reputation and retaining customers.
  4. Invest in Marketing: Promote your services to grow your customer base and expand your business over time.