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Scalable Windows VPS
hosting for your .NET projects

Get maximum performance for you websites, apps and Windows programmes with scalable Windows VPS's. Our cloud servers guarantee excellent speeds, uptime, and security at an affordable rate. Choose from one of our plans below or reach out to us for a custom VPS solution.

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  • check mark Includes RDP license
  • check mark Fast setup
  • check mark DNS & RDNS control
  • check mark Tier 3 ISO Accredited DC
  • check mark Cancel anytime
  • check mark 24/7 monitoring
  • check mark Super fast SSDs
  • check mark Free static IP
  • check mark Windows Server 2016-2022
  • check mark Unlimited traffic
  • check mark VLAN support
  • check mark 99.9% uptime guarantee

Windows Server hosting prices & plans

Our cloud hosting plans offer unrivalled performance at affordable prices. This speedy hosting solution is self-managed, making it ideal for dotnet developers looking to break away from shared hosting. You’re also able to customise your package to suit your current goals and scale it all the way to a 16 CPU vCore with 64GB RAM.

  • W1 Server

    $38.20 per month

    Order Now
    • 2 CPU vCore
    • 4GB ECC RAM
    • 100GB SSD Storage
    • Unlimited Traffic
    • 1 Static IPv4 address
    • Windows Server 2016-2022
  • W2 Server

    $76.40 per month

    Order Now
    • 4 CPU vCore
    • 8GB ECC RAM
    • 200GB SSD Storage
    • Unlimited Traffic
    • 1 Static IPv4 address
    • Windows Server 2016-2022
  • W3 Server

    $114.60 per month

    Order Now
    • 6 CPU vCore
    • 12GB ECC RAM
    • 300GB SSD Storage
    • Unlimited Traffic
    • 1 Static IPv4 address
    • Windows Server 2016-2022
  • W4 Server

    $144.80 per month

    Order Now
    • 8 CPU vCore
    • 16GB ECC RAM
    • 400GB SSD Storage
    • Unlimited Traffic
    • 1 Static IPv4 address
    • Windows Server 2016-2022
  • W5 Server

    $241.80 per month

    Order Now
    • 12 CPU vCore
    • 32GB ECC RAM
    • 500GB SSD Storage
    • Unlimited Traffic
    • 1 Static IPv4 address
    • Windows Server 2016-2022
  • W6 Server

    $393.00 per month

    Order Now
    • 16 CPU vCore
    • 64GB ECC RAM
    • 500GB SSD Storage
    • Unlimited Traffic
    • 1 Static IPv4 address
    • Windows Server 2016-2022

Billing Options: Monthly Contract, Monthly Billing, Cancel Anytime.

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We're flexible

Can’t find a suitable server size? Get in touch with our support team for tailored solutions.

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High performance

All our servers run exclusively on fast SSDs, the latest Intel processors and enterprise-grade components.

local Virtual machines

Tier 3 ISO Accredited DC

Our servers are hosted at Tier 3 ISO Accredited data centers for maximum speed and lowest latency.

secured and patched hosting nodes


Your data security is our top priority. We use RAIDz2 redundant storage to keep your data safe.

Customise your virtual machine

Optional extras

RAM per GB
CPU per Core
SSD per GB

Remote Hands
$9.75 per 15 minute timeslot

Windows Remote Desktop
Windows Server Standard Licence
$8.15/mo per 2 core license
Office Standard
$22.00/mo per user
Office Pro Plus
$29.00/mo per user
$18.00/mo per 2 core license
at least 4 cores need to be licensed
MS SQL Standard
$240.00/mo per 2 core license
at least 4 cores need to be licensed

IP address
Backup plans

Client reviews

Our clients have rated our cloud services and support 5 stars!

  • 5 Star Service

    HOSTAFRICA really goes out of its way to solve any problems that I am experiencing. They are well priced and server speed is excellent. Overall I'll give them a 5 star for their product and services.
  • Excellent Service

    I have been with HOSTAFRICA for over 3 years now. The service is excellent, queries are resolved quickly and efficiently. The staff are always will to help.
  • Best Service

    Still one of the best hosting service provider for my company. Always available to help on emergency calls and general technical support.
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Enjoy world-class support

The cornerstone of our business is world-class support. Our Windows technicians are dedicated to providing you with unmatched solutions and practical implementations so your business stays running around the clock. We know reliability in support is the hallmark of a great company, thus we constantly strive for greatness.

Instant setup, scalable solutions

Everyone’s familiar with the Windows OS, which makes Windows servers much easier to configure and use. Moreover, most Windows applications can be installed and run from the GUI – You’ll very rarely need the command line. Whether you want to run an ASP.NET application or provide remote access to your ERP/CRM/accounting applications, Windows Server hosting is a reliable choice.

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Easy to use

Just as easy as using your personal computer. You can perform most, if not all, operations on a Windows server using the GUI. Whether you’d like to install new software or configure the registry, you can do it all from the intuitive user interface.

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No compatibility concerns

From Docker and Kubernetes to Microsoft Access and ASP.NET; from Microsoft SQL Server and Postgres to WordPress and Magento; you’re able to install a range of applications on your Windows cloud servers.

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Robust performance

Our Windows VPSs are powered by KVM hardware virtualisation technology. This means that each cloud server gets its own Windows operating system and virtual resources: SSD, RAM, and CPU. So, these virtual machines can tackle heavy workloads in stride compared to Container VPSs.

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Feature rich

Windows is arguably the most feature-rich operating system out there. The Windows Admin Centre is a web-based app designed to manage servers and clusters. With its new feature, System Insights, you can generate local predictive analytics. You’re also able to use HTTP/2, encrypt network traffic, and much more!

Get your Windows VPS online today!

Join the thousands of happy clients hosting with us.

  • check mark Includes RDP license
  • check mark Fast setup
  • check mark Expert Windows support
  • check mark Servers in SA
  • check mark No contracts
  • check mark 99.99% network uptime
  • check mark Direct SSD storage
  • check mark Dedicated IP address
  • check mark Customisable solutions
  • check mark Unmetered data
  • check mark VLAN support
  • check mark System monitoring

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Frequently asked questions

If you still have unanswered questions, please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to assist.

This depends on a few factors:

  • What kind of apps you intend on running? Be sure to check the software’s minimum requirements.
  • What’s the maximum amount of memory you may need during peak hours? How much traffic will you get?
  • How much storage space do you expect to need?

For example, if you’ve got a small website that doesn’t get a lot of visitors, our W1 package (2 vCores, 4GB ram, 100 GB SSD) will suit you just fine.

However, if your business runs remote work environments shared with 40+ staff members, you should consider the high-end packages, like the W6: 16 cores, 64 GB ram, 500 GB SSD.

Windows Server is the name of a group of operating systems released by Microsoft built specifically for servers. On a swift glance, you may not notice the differences between Windows Server and any normal version of Windows. That’s because both the operating systems share a codebase, and plenty of other of features.

However, Windows Server has tons of additional features that allow administrators to build scalable infrastructures of connected applications and services. Windows servers are most commonly used to run ASP.NET applications, Microsoft SQL, and other Windows programs that need to be accessible via the internet.

Windows Server is super user-friendly and easy to set up. It nearly mirrors the Windows on personal computers, so it has a familiar feel. Most tasks can be completed using the graphical user interface. Whether it’s adding a rule to the firewall or changing something deep in the registry.

Windows Server provides seamless integration with most applications and software, which makes it ideal for shared accounting servers and remote work environments for staff.

The latest versions of Windows Server are rich with features (able to run Linux containers, built-in support for Kubernetes, predictive analytics etc.) and provide various security controls to keep malicious actors at bay.

A Windows VPS is a cloud server that runs on its own Windows operating system and has its own virtual resources, dedicated to you alone. Your VPS is completely isolated from others, and usually guarantees maximum (99.9%) uptime, powerful performance, and seamless compatibility.

  • Linux hosting runs some Linux-based operating systems, like Ubuntu, Debian etc. Windows hosting runs Windows Server.
  • Windows Server is much easier to use, as it can be easily configured from the GUI. With Linux, you need to use the terminal, most of the time.
  • Windows hosting can run ASP.NET websites and applications, accounting software, etc; Linux can’t.
  • Windows programmes can run only on Windows hosting.
  • Windows server hosting has built-in support for Microsoft Access; Linux doesn’t.
  • Linux is an open-source operating system, whereas Windows Server is commercial - requiring costly licences. Therefore, Linux is cheaper than Windows.
  • Linux is a much more lightweight operating system compared to Windows Server, which is more resource intensive.

Windows hosting is a hosting provider that rents servers which use Windows Server as the operating system. If you wish to host a website or application that can only run on a Windows OS (e.g., ASP.NET apps), then your best option is to choose a Windows hosting.

Most hosting providers offer different packages for Windows hosting. These packages differ on the basis of allocated resources. For example, the basic package may only offer 4 vCPUs with 8 GBs of RAM; other packages may offer more resources for higher prices.

In addition to running Windows-specific programs, you can also use Windows hosting to build your company’s entire infrastructure. Regardless of whether you want to set up a Kubernetes cluster, run Linux containers, or spin up shielded Linux VMs (Ubuntu, Debian etc.), you can do it all with Windows hosting.

If you don’t find a suitable VM size on our website, please contact us so we can offer you a custom solution to your exact requirements.

You can host as many websites as you like on your server, we do not define any limit. You just have to ensure the size of your machine is always sufficient for the number of resources your sites use. Your package can be upgraded or downgraded at any time to suit the number of sites you intend to host.

Easily! Log in to your customer section, choose the product and select upgrade/downgrade. Upgrades will be processed immediately, downgrades at the end of the month.

At reasonable rates, we offer you full flexibility of your backups. Order a backup plan add-on during checkout. These are snapshots that allow you to roll back your virtual machine to a previous state.

It all depends on the package you decide to rent. A more affordable package will have less CPUs. Our packages range from two vCPUs to 16 vCPUs. A vCPU is a Virtual Processing Unit. One or more vCPUs are assigned to a VM. Each vCPU is seen as a single physical CPU core by your server's operating system.

Larger packages naturally include more vCPU's, however, the CPU is very often not a limiting factor. In the majority of use cases, the most important factor is how much memory (RAM) is needed. Modern PHP/MySQL scripts often use a lot of RAM, so RAM is very important when deciding which package you buy.

Each server is deployed with 1 IP address to start with. You can request additional IP's from us in case you need it. In such a case we charge a small monthly amount in addition.